Kiddieland welcomes you to Wacos premium childrens Amusement Park Come visit!

About Us


   At  the close of World War ll most families didn’t have the where-with-all to travel or vacation, so the Lions opened  “mini-amusement” parks to provide a place for families to go, have fun, and not spend a great deal of money.

Lions Park in Waco, which opened in 1954, is one of only five that remain nationwide.

Community Commitment

  Perhaps not well known , Kiddieland Waco is a Non for profit organization which is dedicated to providing quality family entertainment at an affordable price for our local and visiting communities. 

As a Non for Profit we depend on the generous contributions of our wonderful sponsors and benefactors. If you would like to become a Kiddieland sponsor please contact the Parks Manager at KiddielandWaco@gmail.com.